The conference offers the opportunity for extending knowledge in accompanying tutorials.

In the Network Integration of Electric Vehicles tutorial the diverse aspects of bringing electric vehicles (EV) into the smart grid will be covered. This concerns their impact on load profiles and grid operation as well as the role of e-mobility in smart grid development and integration of renewables. Moreover new business models and simulation tools beside the economic value of grid services provided by EV users will be addressed.

The Gas-insulated Lines (GIL) tutorial is based on a new book on GIL published by Dr.-Ing. Hermann Koch (Siemens, Germany) for IEEE. It gives basic theoretical information on the gas insulated technology for the design and physical layout. The historical development of GIL product design, insulating gases, laying options, testing, system and network requirements, environmental impact, economical aspects and examples of practical applications will be covered.

The Utilization of Wind Energy in Germany: Technology and Grid Integration Experience tutorial will provide an overview about the current situation and experiences in Germany, including wind turbine (WT) technologies, the German grid code, WT modeling and control, fault ride-through, the contribution to power and voltage control as well as the aspects of wind farm design.

The Emerging Smart Grid: Improved Distribution Management System incorporating Advanced Solutions tutorial will focus on the state of the art of the emerging smart grid from real-time operations point of view. Topics will include the introduction to the emerging distribution grid, the utility’s perspective for goals and requirements of the smart distribution grid, and advanced function demonstrations.

Posted on September 16, 2012



Panel Session “Cyber Security of Smart Grids” on October 15 at 14:00

In the panel session, the European Smart Grid Coordination Group releases new recommendations on best practice and standards for Smart Grid Security. Laurent Schmitt (Alstom) will present a new end-to-end security framework jointly designed with Intel McAfee.

The Cyber Security panel is organized by Boeing Professor Chen-Ching Liu (Washington State University). Further panelists are Giovanna Dondossola (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico RSE Italy), Professor Göran Andersson (ETH Zurich), and Mathias Ekstedt (KTH Stockholm, Sweden).

Click here for more information on panel sessions.

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Author Registration Ends Soon

We kindly remind the presenters to register to the conference. Registration deadline is August 15. If you did not register up to now, please register as soon as possible, at the latest until August 20. This is important to be included in the conference program. Click here for online registration.

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Final Manuscript Submission

Thank you very much for submitting the final manuscripts. Authors will be informed by email about preparing presentation for a paper session or a poster session. In addition, details about the format will be given.

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Early Bird Registration

Early bird registration is open until August 31, 2012. In the “Accommodations” part you will find hotels close to the conference location.

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