Real-time Simulation of Smart Grids


Chair: Georg Lauss

Austrian Institute of Technology AIT, Austria

Georg F. Lauss is a researcher at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Vienna, Austria. He graduated in mechatronics from the Johannes Kepler University of Linz (JKU) in 2006. He has experience as a researcher in the field of power electronics and electric drive control systems. Since 2007 he has been part of the research division of AIT focusing on the field of electric energy systems specialized on inverters for photovoltaics. His main interests cover power electronics, control theory, optimization, power hardware in the loop simulation (PHIL) and mathematical methods for control/simulation.


Panel Abstract

Some of the current challenges in electrical power supply are manifested in the evolution from traditional, centralized grids towards so-called smart grids. Real-time simulation is an essential step to finalize management and control algorithms for smart grids as well as smart grid applications. In this session, various state-of-the-art problems are being discussed and solution statements are given by means of advanced simulation methods in real time. Key subjects are prototyping and validation of advanced distributed energy resource control, power hardware-in-the-loop methods and simulation, protection and advanced hardware-in-the-loop technology.




Raphael Caire  (INP Grenoble, France)


  • Laboratory Experiences With Power-hardware-in-the-loop Simulation for Distributed Energy Resources

Panos Kotsampopoulos (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)


M. Shoaib Almas (KTH Stockholm, Sweden), Luigi Vanfretti (KTH Stockholm, Sweden)


Georg Lauss (Austrian Institute of Technology AIT, Austria)


Antonello Monti  (RWTH Aachen, Germany)