Paper Presentation

Planning of Smart Grids


Chair: Hamid Zareipour

University of Calgary, Canada



On the Optimal Placement of Distributed Storage Systems for Voltage Control in Active Distribution Networks

Mostafa Nick (EPFL, Switzerland), Marc Hohmann (EPFL, Switzerland), Rachid Cherkaoui (EPFL, Switzerland), and Mario Paolone (EPFL, Switzerland)


Optimal Degree of Smart Transformer Substations in Distribution Networks for Reliability Improvement

Andrea Rodriguez-Calvo (Comillas Pontifical University, Spain), Pablo Frías (Comillas Pontifical University, Spain), Javier Reneses (Comillas Pontifical University, Spain), and Carlos Mateo (Comillas Pontifical University, Spain)


A Multi-objective Planning Framework for Optimal Integration of Distributed Generations

Keshav Pokharel (University of Central Lancashire, UK), Maizura Mokhtar (University of Central Lancashire, UK), and Joe Howe (University of Central Lancashire, UK)


Optimization of Supply Source Allocation in the Problem of Rational Configuration of Electricity Supply System

Olga V. Svezhentseva (Irkutsk State Technical University, Russia), and Nikolay I. Voropai (Melentiev Energy Systems Institute, Russia)


The Smart Super-European Grid: Balancing Demand and Supply

Catalina Spataru (University College of London, UK) and Mark Barrett (University College of London, UK)


Integrating Wind – Influence of Transmission Grid Extension on European Electricity Market Prices

Tobias Aigner (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway), Katrin Schaber (TU München, Germany), Thomas Hamacher (TU München, Germany), and Terje Gjengedal (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)