Network Integration of Electric Vehicles


Coordinator: João A. Peças Lopes (INESC Porto, Portugal)



This tutorial will address several issues related with electrical vehicles grid integration, like: (1) Evaluation of the impacts of Electric Vehicles (EV) charging on the daily load profile and on the grid operation. (2) Description of new business models, management architectures and new simulation tools for assessing EV grid integration, regarding steady state operation and system dynamic behaviour. Results from the analysis of several study cases will be presented using the simulations tools described. (3) The role of e-mobility in smart grid development and its impacts on the integration of renewables at the distribution and transmission levels. Results from several study cases in Europe will be presented. (4) Evaluation of the Economic Value of Grid Services provided by EV users. Advanced methods to estimate the economic value of these grid services will be presented. Results of a case study at the German regulation power market will be presented to show the economic value of the EV over its lifetime.




  • Methods and Controls for Network Integration of Electric Vehicles

João A. Peças Lopes (INESC Porto, Portugal)

João A. Peças Lopes is Full Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP). He is presently Director of INESC Porto and also the Director of the Sustainable Energy Systems PhD program at FEUP.  He was Scientific / Technical Coordinator of the European Union FP7 research project MERGE – Mobile Energy Resources for Grids of Electricity. Prof. Lopes is the convener of the CIGRE WG C6.20 on integration of electric vehicles in electric power systems. His main domains of research are presently related with large scale integration of renewable power sources, power system dynamics, microgeneration and microgrids, smart metering and electric vehicle grid integration.

He was the responsible for several consulting projects related with the electrical grid impact. He supervised the impact analysis of the connection of wind parks in the electrical grids of Madeira, Azores, Sal, S. Vicente and S. Tiago, in the Republic of Cabo Verde.


  • Impact of Electric Vehicles Connected to the Grid

Nikos Hatziargyriou (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

Nikos D. Hatziargyriou is Professor at the Power Division of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of NTUA. From February 2007 to August 2012, he was Deputy CEO of the Public Power Corporation (PPC) of Greece, responsible for Transmission and Distribution Networks, island DNO and the Center of Testing, Research and Prototyping.

Dr. Hatziargyriou is Fellow Member of IEEE, past Chair of the Power System Dynamic Performance Committee and Chair of CIGRE SCC6. He was member of the EU Advisory Council of the Technology Platform on Smart Grids. He has participated in more than 60 R&DD Projects, and was coordinator of the EU funded “Care”, “More Care”, “Rise”, “Microgrids”, “More Microgrids” and “Merge”. He is author of more than 250 scientific publications. His research interests include Smartgrids, Microgrids, Distributed and Renewable Energy Sources and Power System Security.


  • Economic Value Estimation for Electric Vehicle Users

Stefan Mischinger (TU Berlin, Germany)