Paper Presentation

International Visions for Smart Grid Realization by Country


Chair: Florian Lennert

InnoZ, Germany



A National Project on Optimal Control and Demonstration of the Japanese Smart Grid for Massive Integration of Photovoltaic Systems

Akihiko Yokoyama (University of Tokyo, Japan), Hirofumi Akagi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan), Yasuhiro Hayashi (Waseda University, Japan), Kazuhiko Ogimoto (University of Tokyo, Japan), Hideo Ishii (Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan)


Distributed Generation and Smart Power Grid UAE Vision for 2030

Abdul Hasib Siddique (The Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates), Heba K. Al Bloushi (ADCO, United Arab Emirates), and Lisa Ann Lamont (The Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)


A Microgrid Concept for Isolated Territories of Russia

Konstantin V. Suslov (Irkutsk State Technical University, Russia)


Investigation of the Power Scenario in India for the Implementation of Smart Grid

Parimal Acharjee (NIT Durgapur, India)


Agent-based Integration of an Electric Car Sharing Fleet Into a Smart Distribution Feeder

Daniel Freund (TU Berlin, Germany), Andreas F. Raab (TU Berlin, Germany), Tobias Küster (TU Berlin, Germany), Sahin Albayrak (TU Berlin, Germany), and Kai Strunz (TU Berlin, Germany)


Effects of Large Scale EV and PV Integration on Power Supply Systems in the Context of Singapore

Matthias Huber (TUM CREATE, Singapore), Annette Trippe (TUM CREATE, Singapore), Philipp Kuhn (TU München, Germany), Thomas Hamacher (TU München, Germany)