Paper Presentation

Voltage Control


Chair: Andreas Lugmaier

Siemens, Austria



Distribution Network Voltage Control Using Energy Storage and Demand Side Response

Jialiang Yi (Durham University, UK), Pengfei Wang (Durham University, UK), Phillip C. Taylor (Durham University, UK), Peter J. Davison (Durham University, UK), Pádraig F. Lyons (Durham University, UK), Daniel Liang (Durham University, UK), Stuart Brown (Northern Powergrid, UK), and David Roberts (EA Technology, UK)


Optimization of the Steady Voltage Profile in Distribution Systems by Coordinating the Controls of Distributed Generations

Yujun He (Supélec, France), Marc Petit (Supélec, France), and Philippe Dessante (Supélec, France)


Consumer Voltage Regulation Using Coordinated Control of Distributed Static Synchronous Compensators – µSTATCOMs

Yuichiro Kabasawa (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan), Taku Noda (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan), Kentaro Fukushima (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan), and Koshichi Nemoto (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan)


Centralized Voltage Control Method Using Plural D-STATCOM With Controllable Dead Band in Distribution System With Renewable Energy

Naoyuki Takahashi (Waseda University, Japan) and Yasuhiro Hayashi (Waseda University, Japan)


Centralized Voltage Control Method of Load Ratio Control Transformer and Step Voltage Regulator for Bank Fault Restoration

Shinya Yoshizawa (Waseda University, Japan), Yasuhiro Hayashi (Waseda University, Japan), Masaki Tsuji (Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan), and Eiji Kamiya (Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan)


Regulated Distribution Transformers in Low-voltage Networks With a High Degree of Distributed Generation

Peter Esslinger (TU München, Germany) and Rolf Witzmann (TU München, Germany)