Paper Presentation

Methods of Modeling Uncertainty and Reliability


Chair: Hongbin Sun

Tsinghua University, China



Electricity Price Forecasting Considering Residual Demand

Amir Motamedi (AESO, Canada), Christian Geidel (TU Berlin, Germany), Hamidreza Zareipour (University of Calgary, Canada), and William D. Rosehart (University of Calgary, Canada)


Methods for Energy Price Prediction in the Smart Grid

Emanuele Crisostomi (University of Pisa, Italy), Mauro Tucci (University of Pisa, Italy), and Marco Raugi (University of Pisa, Italy)


Simulating the Optimized Participation of Distributed Controllable Generators at the Spot Market for Electricity Considering Prediction Errors

Raphael Hollinger (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany), Simon Hamperl (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany), Thomas Erge (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany), Bernhard Wille-Hausmann (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany), and Christof Wittwer (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany)


Identification of Gaussian Mixture Model Using Mean Variance Mapping Optimization: Venezuelan Case

Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt (Coventry University, UK), Jose L. Rueda (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany), István Erlich (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany), Dimitar Bogdanov (Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria), and Walter Villa (National University of San Juan, Argentina)


Intelligent State Space Pruning With Local Search for Power System Reliability Evaluation

Robert C. Green II (University of Toledo, USA), Lingfeng Wang (University of Toledo, USA), and Mansoor Alam (University of Toledo, USA)


Statistical Analysis of Power Quality Disturbances Propagation by Means of the Method of Disturbances Interaction

Andrés Pavas (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia), Horacio Torres-Sánchez (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia), and Volker Staudt (Ruhr Universitaet Bochum, Germany)